About Cape Candle

We offer candles, candle accessories, fragrance lamps, and more! 

Here's our story. Starting back in 1975 we passionately sold high quality gifts which included the best highest quality candles to our customers. With the onset of the internet in the 90's we started selling product over the internet. Quickly, we found out it was hard to find good quality candles anywhere. After some time, we devoted our entire website to selling candles. This is when came to be. In the early 2000's we moved from New Jersey to Cape Coral, FL. Cape Candle Shop Since then we have worked hard to build our candle lines, offering the best candles and creating the best online candle shopping experience possible. Today we still pursue these principles.
Within the year of 2012- 2013 we have created a Cape Candle Candle line. This is where we introduced our first official Cape Candle Jar Candle Line, The Traditional 23's. Which consists of 24 fragrances! Knowing what our customers love, we have devoted this line to the fragrance, which is why, we are "All about the Fragrance." Cape Candle JarsNot only this, but we developed an entire candle line devoted to Bayberry, both scented and real bayberry wax. It consists of a Scented Jar, Scented Pillar Candle, and some beautifully boxed Real Bayberry Wax Tapers. All of which include the Bayberry Story!
Bayberry Jar
As time goes, not only will we continue to provide the brands of candles you love, but we hope to grow as candle company. To become a company in which is known to care about their customers opinions, and the quality of their products. For we are doing this for those like us, people who love Top Quality Candles at affordable prices.

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