Beanpod Candles

Beanpod Candles

Beanpod Candles are made with 100% stabilized soy wax.  Beanpod Jar CandlesBeanpod TealightsBeanpod Votives, and Beanpod Soy Wax Beads

Discover Beanpod Candles.

Light a Beanpod Candle and Transform a Space, a Moment, a Mood.

Simple. Plentiful. Fragrant. Beanpod Candles®. 

Beanpod Candles begin with soybeans. 

 One of life’s simple pleasures enjoyed in a whole new way.

A beautiful, fragrant candle that is made with a lead-free wick. Candles created with our patent-pending Tempacure™ process that provides rich fragrances and colors that last from first light to final flame. 
 Remember… if it does not say 100% stabilized soy wax, it is not a Beanpod Candle. You deserve only the best!


Beanpod Jar Candles
Soy 16 oz Beanpod Candles
Beanpod Soy beads
Beanpod Soy Beads let you create your own unique and delicious scent combination.
Beanpod Soy Votives
Beanpod Votives are Made from 100% Stabilized Soy Wax (not a soy blend). Sold individually.
Beanpod Tealights
Burn time 5 to 7 hours. Box of 9. A long and clean-burning candle continues to be the standard with Beanpod Candles.

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Guava Beanpod Candle 16 Oz
Our Price: $18.99
Guava Beanpod Candle 16 Oz
Lose yourself in the scent of a tropical getaway. Ripe notes of grapefruit, island guava and passion fruit mingle with intoxicating pomegranate.
Pink Petals Beanpod Candle 16 Oz
Our Price: $18.99
Pink Petals Beanpod Candle 16 Oz
Envision a rosy bouquet that's the essence of spring, enhanced by delicate cherry blossoms entwined with white jasmine and pink freesia. An exhilarating feminine blend.