Beanpod Candles

Beanpod Candles

Beanpod Candles are made with 100% stabilized soy wax.  Beanpod Jar CandlesBeanpod TealightsBeanpod Votives, and Beanpod Soy Wax Beads

Discover Beanpod Candles.

Light a Beanpod Candle and Transform a Space, a Moment, a Mood.

Simple. Plentiful. Fragrant. Beanpod Candles®. 

Beanpod Candles begin with soybeans. 

 One of life’s simple pleasures enjoyed in a whole new way.

A beautiful, fragrant candle that is made with a lead-free wick. Candles created with our patent-pending Tempacure™ process that provides rich fragrances and colors that last from first light to final flame. 
 Remember… if it does not say 100% stabilized soy wax, it is not a Beanpod Candle. You deserve only the best!


Beanpod Soy Votives
Beanpod Votives are Made from 100% Stabilized Soy Wax (not a soy blend). Sold individually.