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Beanpod Tealight Candles

Beanpod Tealights

Light a Beanpod Candle and Transform a Space, a Moment, a Mood. It begins with soybeans. Simple. Plentiful. Biodegradable. Beanpod Candles. Made from this natural, renewable energy source that is grown right here in America. A beautiful, fragrant candle that is clean and healthy for the environment, made with an all-cotton wick.  Earth friendly.  A bit of indulgence that fits anywhere in your home. Transform a room into your retreat. Unwind after a busy day with fragrances and colors that help you relax, reflect, and rejuvenate. Remember… if it does not say 100% stabilized soy wax, it is not a Beanpod Candle. You deserve only the best! also carries Beanpod Soy jar candles, votives, and soy wax beads.

Beanpod has closed their doors and are no longer making candles.  We have a limited supply listed below.  Click here for our new line of Soy Candles.