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Habersham Candle Company

Habersham Candle Co. - Wax Pottery, Solid Solutions

Wax Pottery® | Solid Solutions | Spheres

Founded in 1993 the Habersham Candle Company is widely known for its Wax Pottery® collection. These unique decorative wax pottery bowls are designed to fragrance your home without a flame.

 Habersham Candle has also created a line of skin care products called Solid Solutions. Made with the finest natural ingredients Solid Solutions maintain the same quality and care that is consistent among all Habersham’s products. All of Habersham Candle Company’s products are manufactured in the USA. 

We have partnered with Habersham in order to have Wax Pottery® that is available exclusively to Cape Candle. These products are carefully designed and available in limited quantities. Browse our selection of Habersham products below.

Unique Designs. Wonderful Fragrance. American Made. Habersham Candle Company

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