Unscented Pillar Candles

Unscented Pillar CandlesUnscented Pillar Candles

These top of the line unscented pillar candles come in a large variety of sizes. These smooth finished candles are the brightest, highest quality unscented wax candles available in today's market. Our neutral champagne is our most popular as it is an Ivory shade that goes well with nearly any decor. We have added Red Pillar Candles for the Holidays, as well as pure white and midnight black. Examples of burn times: 2X9 90 hours, 3X9 135 hours, 4X9 180 hours, 5X9 225 hours and 6x9 270 hours.

Why choose CapeCandle.com for Tall and Large Pillar Candles?

  • All smooth pillars are hand poured using the finest blend of waxes.
  • All sizes are designed to self consume when burned properly.
  • All candles have self trimming wicks which allow for a longer cleaner burn.
  • Truly extraordinary candles!
  • Four popular colors including deep holiday red and midnight black to pure white and the best selling neutral light champagne.
  • 2", 3", and 4" dia have single wicks.
  • 5"and 6" dia have triple wicks.
  • Solid Color throughout the candle
More scented and unscented pillars available in our Colonial Candle Pillar Category
These Candles are Made To Order taking 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.