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We offer both real and scented bayberry candles. 

Authentic Real Bayberry Candles are made with pure bayberry wax and mixed with a hint of beeswax for stability (less than 10%) which makes them burn exceptionally well. Each real bayberry candle has an all natural subtle fragrance, but do not expect them to fill a room.

Another option is our scented Bayberry Candles which are made with the finest paraffin waxes with the fragrance added. These are what many are used to and know from years past; They will fill the room with a wonderful aroma bringing memories and family traditions to full light.

 Bayberry Wax is considered to be the rarest and most expensive of all the waxes. It is produced by harvesting and boiling the berries of the Bayberry Shrub. Used by Colonists, it has become a New England tradition to burn on winter nights in hopes of health and prosperity in the coming year. The tradition of Bayberry Candles began over 100 years ago, where the art and science of candle making were perfected, setting the gold standard in fine candles. All the bayberry candles that we carry are of exceptional quality and made in the USA. 

Bayberry Folklore

"As folklore goes, To bring good luck for a year, burn to the nub on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. And if the flame burns bright and the light shines clear, then the heavens will bless you all through the year"