Swan Creek Candles and Drizzle Melts

Posted by Cape Candle Staff on 30th Jul 2017

Swan Creek soy wax drizzle melts are famous for their unique, intense fragrances.  The large fragrant, clean burning 24 ounce all natural soy jar candles are a  top choice for people who lov … read more

Habersham Wax Bowls

Posted by Cape Candle Staff on 28th May 2017

For a limited time the Freedom wax pottery bowl has become available again.  Individually crafted with richly scented wax and natural botanical fragrances to enjoy as a decorative home accent. D … read more

Swan Creek Candles & Drizzle Melts

30th Jan 2017

Our first shipment this year of Swan Creek Candles & drizzle melts have arrived and are available to order. For now we are able to maintain the great price of $4.99 for the melts and $17.49 for the ja … read more
Real Bayberry Candles

Real Bayberry Candles

Posted by Cape Candle Staff on 15th Sep 2016

Real bayberry candles are now in stock! These genuine bayberry candles, meticulously handmade from the wax on the berries of the bayberry shrub, have been the traditional holiday candle since colo … read more

New Fall Scents from Swan Creek Candles

Posted by Cape Candle Staff on 10th Aug 2016

We have just started to receive our new fall candle scents as well as some old time favorites from Swan Creek Candles.  Some of the new fragrances that have already been well reviewed include Tri … read more