Top 3 Ways to Fragrance Your Home Without a Flame

Top 3 Ways to Fragrance Your Home Without a Flame

Posted by Cape Candle Staff on 4th Jun 2015

Home Fragrance Without a Flame

People have been using jar candles to fragrance their homes for a long time. It is wonderful to burn a candle when you are around to keep an eye on it. There is something about the flame, the sound, and the aroma hitting the air that is extremely relaxing and inviting. As great as it is to burn a candle it does have its downside. It is dangerous to leave a candle burning unattended, around pets, children, and with a fan running. However, there are alternative ways to fragrance your home.

Here are our top three ways to fragrance your home without a flame.

3. Reed DiffusersTrapp Lavendar de Province

Reed diffusers are extremely popular and are a great way to fragrance your home. They give of scent by soaking up fragrance oil into the reeds. Not only are they highly effective, but they look great in any home.

Recommended Diffusers: TrappVotivoWoodWick

Lampe Berger Essential

2. Fragrance Effusion Lamps 

Another great way and probably the most effective way to fragrance your home is with a fragrance effusion lamp. The technology of a fragrance effusion lamp is impressive and so are the fragrances! They periodically effuse fragrance with a burner system throughout the day. Each fragrance lamp is unique in design so they look beautiful too!

Recommended Effusion Lamps: Lampe Berger

1. Habersham Wax Pottery

Habersham Wax Pottery

Our top pick to make your living area smell wonderful without the use a flame is with a Wax Pottery Bowl by Habersham Candle Company. These are pieces of art that smell wonderful! Each vessel is designed with natural botanicals and packaged in a gift worth box. Wax Pottery is just as much as a home decor piece as it is a home fragrance piece.

Top Pick: Wax Pottery

Honorable mentions: Room Sprays, Wax Melts

There you have it! Our top 3 ways to fragrance your home without a flame. We picked these three because they are all beautiful as well as effective! They serve as fragrance without a flame, and home decor with a fragrance! Let us know what you think! Have you tried any of these? What are your favorite fragrances? And what is your favorite way to fragrance your home without the use of a flame?