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Enjoy the rich fragrance of Wax Pottery Bowls, also know as wax pottery vessels. The natural botanical design work as a decorative home accent. Habersham Wax Pottery is designed to release the fragrance of a candle without the need of an open flame. You never have to burn it and it will release a beautiful scent throughout the house all day long. A room freshener that serves as a beautiful centerpiece in your home. 

Some fragrances may fill a room while others are more subtle and not as intense.  Generally, the Holiday and Floral scents tend to be the most robust. Our testing and experience suggests that fragrances will last at least six months and more often than not, much longer. Holiday fragrances store well in zip lock bags for reuse in the next season.

These 7 inch wax pottery bowls come nicely gift boxed and are proudly made in the USA!

Q: Can I refresh the fragrance?
A: You may clean or refresh the fragrance of your Wax Pottery® by gently buffing the surface with a soft cloth or a recycled nylon stocking. Fragrance may also be refreshed by gently warming the surface with a hair dryer set to the lowest temperature.

Wax Pottery® Bowls by Habersham

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