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Founded in 1993 Habersham Candle Company is widely known for its Wax Pottery collection which are now available in 2 sizes. The most popular is the original 7 inch wax pottery bowl.  The 5.5 inch personal space size is popular for smaller spaces such as an office. These unique decorative wax pottery bowls are designed to release fragrance without a flame which makes them an ideal choice for home fragrance without the worry of burning a candle. The newest addition is the Habersham GEO collection which features a scented square bowl with life like succulents and flowers. The unique Habersham Spheres are a popular choice for smaller spaces such as an office or guest bathroom. For those who love the Habersham fragrances and the the calming effect of a lit candle the luminaries are a great choice. All Habersham decorative home fragrance items are skillfully hand made in the USA making each one unique and special.

Habersham Wax Pottery

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