Home Fragrance without The Flame

Cape Candle offers more than just candles. Check out these amazing home fragrance products that have received stellar reviews including Swan Creek Candle Melts and Habersham Wax Pottery all made in the USA. Just put these the beautiful wax pottery items on display and they naturally release fragrance into the air.  All the scent of a candle without the worries of a flame.  The Swan Creek melts are also very easy to use.  Just break a cube or two off and place in your favorite wax melter. Sit back and enjoy! The Maison Berger home fragrances (formerly Lampe Berger) are made in France. Just unpack the diffuser and put on display. They will scent a room nicely.  Click on one of the categories below for more details.

Swan Creek Wax Drizzle Melts  | Habersham Wax Pottery | Maison Berger