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Swan Creek Candles and Drizzle Melts

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Swan Creek soy wax drizzle melts are famous for their unique, intense fragrances.  The large fragrant, clean burning 24 ounce all natural soy jar candles are a  top choice for people who love candles. Many of our favorites are now back in stock as well as 12 new fragrances!  We have been able to maintain our low prices as well as offering free shipping on orders over $50.  Also we have reduced the price on a few retired jar candle fragrances to make room for the new scents.  Check out all the new fragrances today!

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Habersham Wax Bowls

For a limited time the Freedom wax pottery bowl has become available again.  Individually crafted with richly scented wax and natural botanical fragrances to enjoy as a decorative home accent. Designed to release unique fragrance without burning.A mouth watering fragrance of fresh baked crust, mingling perfectly with notes of granny smith apple, cinnamon, cloves [...]

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Swan Creek Candles & Drizzle Melts

Our first shipment this year of Swan Creek Candles & drizzle melts have arrived and are available to order. For now we are able to maintain the great price of $4.99 for the melts and $17.49 for the jars. Many of our all time favorites including Honey Soaked Apples, Roasted Espresso and Gingerbread are now [...]

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Real Bayberry Candles

Real bayberry candles are now in stock! These genuine bayberry candles, meticulously handmade from the wax on the berries of the bayberry shrub, have been the traditional holiday candle since colonial times. The tapers are individually wrapped and boxed as a set of 2.  Burned to the nub on Christmas and New Year's Eve, they [...]

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New Fall Scents from Swan Creek Candles

We have just started to receive our new fall candle scents as well as some old time favorites from Swan Creek Candles.  Some of the new fragrances that have already been well reviewed include Triple Ginger Spice, Coral Berry, Heavenly Red Velvet Cake and Nutmeg & Peppercorn.  Some of the returning favorites are all the [...]

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Colonial Candle Dinner Candles

What are your best burning dinner candles and are they dripless?Our best selling and arguably best burning dinner candles are made by Colonial Candle.  They have been making candles since the early 1900's and have perfected the art of candle making.  These candles are solid throughout.  Some candles just have a color over a white [...]

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Habersham Wax Pottery Bowls

We often get asked what are the most popular wax pottery bowl fragrances.  It does come down to a matter of personal preference.  Some like the floral scents while other like the herbal scents.  With over 40 to choose from finding the right one can be a bit of a challenge.  Generally speaking the floral [...]

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Top 3 Ways to Fragrance Your Home Without a Flame

Home Fragrance Without a FlamePeople have been using jar candles to fragrance their homes for a long time. It is wonderful to burn a candle when you are around to keep an eye on it. There is something about the flame, the sound, and the aroma hitting the air that is extremely relaxing and inviting. [...]

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5 Reasons Why Wax Melts Are So Great

Advantages of Wax MeltsWax Melts have been one of the hottest items in home fragrance for the past few years and rightfully so. I love them for many different reasons. There are a lot of advantages to this form of home fragrance that I will bring up in this blog post. 1. Wax melts are inexpensive.Wax [...]

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Candle Care Tip #1: Extend the life of your candle.

Candle Care Tip #1Trimming your wick before each use will extend the life of your candle.After every burn you will notice that on the end of the wick is extra debris. We call this a "mushroom wick." By trimming these you will extend the life of your candle, reduce soot, and keep your candle burning [...]

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